The Boy Thing

My first post!

Kind of an important occasion, right? And what better to start with than the subject every teen girl blogs about; boys.

I’m sure that pretty much every teenage girl will back me up here; boys are confusing. And the thing about boys is they just don’t seem to realise it. Us girls know we’re confusing. We love it. It’s so much fun. Boys get so freaked out over us. But boys seem to think that everything they do has an obvious meaning that any girl should understand. Well, I’m sorry, but despite being amazing, girls are not actually physic. Go google us.

So where was I? Oh, yes! So I like this guy. Okay, stop yawning. That’s not thewhole issue. I have this really good guy friend who I always have a laugh with. We don’t really do deep stuff, we just laugh a lot. But he always knows how to cheer me up, and I always feel comfortable around him.

Right about now you’re going “She fancies him, end of.” But the truth is I actually don’t. He’s funny but also kind of immature, and not thes sort of guy I could fall for.

I don’t think.

Lately I have been staring at him in lessons. I didn’t even realise at first, but after a while I started to notice how often I did it. I would catch myself at it, groan loudly, slap myself round the face and shake my head vigorously. So now of course the whole class thinks I have some sort of disorder. 

Idont want to feel like this. It’s really starting to get on my nerves. I’m starting to develop feelings for a guy who pushed me down the steps of a plastic playhousewhen I was two. I hate it. Every time I feel butterflies flapping in my stomach I want to pour a loud of tar down my throat. And I really like this other guy, but now it’s all gone wierd. I’m so confused.

I tried typing this problem into Yahoo answers, but they only give you a limited amount of characters so I had to do serious editing. I was like, I’m in emotional termoil (sort of) and you’re expecting me to express myself in a limited amount of characters. Should you give Shakespeare a character limit? Yes, I know I’m not Shakespeare, but I still deserve to habe my issues treated with respect! And the answers were awful. Every bloody person advised me to “follow my heart.” and “be myself.”

Why didnt I think of that?”

Oh, yeah. 

Because it’s BULLSHIT.

Who else am I going to be? Are they concerned someone might take action against me for character theft? And how am I meant to follow my heart? Rip it out my chest, stick it in the ground and see which way the shadow falls? Because I’d rather not. 

So I thought I’d put it on my so far unused blog. Even if no one reads it, it helps me to write things down, and this is somewhere I can do just that. And, guess what? I can use as many characters as I want!

**** you, Yahoo answers. You’re dead to me. 

I’m Cat.

Welcome to my world.